BitLocker clean up

Update 2021-03-12: I have corrected the description of this script to be more accurate.

I have used this script on PC clients in production to check if BitLocker is already enabled and that the necessary protectors are created. If not, the script will add a TPM protector and a recovery password protector which will be backed up in AD. The script will also resume BitLocker protection of the OS volume if it has been suspended.


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2020-12-24 at 17:40

Thank you for your nice script! I have tested it and it did not trigger the encryption. How to allow the TPMprotector and send the key to AD?

2021-03-12 at 11:36

Hi Lewis
Sorry for the late reply. I have corrected the description of the script…it does not start the encryption process after all. To modify which protectors are allowed you could set this with a GPO:

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